Our Story

Cafe Pink Pajamas was founded with a single motive: to offer people a chance to meet the only constant in their life – Change! But, in a whole new way. Cafe Pink Pajamas is a place where the one thing you’re assured of, apart from the lip-smacking delicacies, is a new experience at every corner.

Our story started out as any other. There was a big, mean, ferocious villain in all of our lives – monotony. It was a cruel, cruel master. Imagine the bosses at the end of your favorite video games. When the difficulty level would all of a sudden shoot up, and the simple ‘push a button here, push a button there’ game suddenly becomes this wizard fight of gargantuan proportions. Yes, that’s how crippling a villain monotony is. Because you just can’t escape it. You switch on the TV, and it’s the same misogynistic programs preying on people’s insecurities everywhere. You walk outside, and it’s the same old ‘bikes on footpath, and people and animals on the roads’ situation.

Like every good story, ours had a twist as well. A twist towards a happier direction thankfully. Like all underdogs that have been oppressed, we too finally had enough and decided to fight the Boss! Armed with our arsenal of fun and fabled culinary powers, we not only managed to defeat monotony but also found a way to rid the world of it.

Because, what fun is an experience if it doesn’t have food in it?
Welcome to Cafe Pink Pajamas – a cafe where time never stands still! We started this place to give people an alternative. An alternative to their boring old cafes, and their boring old experiences. We believe that life is all about experiences, and people not experiencing their entire range of emotions just aren’t doing enough justice to their existence. We created this place for people to come and share their stories. Their stories of laughter, success, failure! Their stories of food, travel, music! Their stories of stories!

Enough said – Let’s go have some fun!

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